Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the RFP and order submission process?

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Q: Is there a cost for eligible entities to join Ed Tech JPA?
A: There is no fee for eligible entities to join Ed Tech JPA.

Q: If a school district/public entity is interested in using services offered by a vendor, what steps does it need to take?
A: All entities must become associate members prior to using vendor services.  Members must review and score vendor submissions (using price as the primary factor), obtain a quote and implementation plan, and sign a Purchase Agreement with the prevailing vendor.

Q: What is the benefit to using Ed Tech JPA?
A: Ed Tech JPA acts as a procurement vehicle, and allows school districts to procure digital products and abide by all public bidding laws without going through a timely procurement  process.  Ed Tech JPA allows vendors to make sales to multiple entities (members of  Ed Tech JPA) while only responding to one Bid or RFP.  Ed Tech JPA negotiates competitive contract terms with each participating vendor and insures that each vendor has signed the California Student Data Privacy Agreement.

Q: Does Ed Tech JPA provide software support or assurance?
A: Ed Tech JPA acts as a procurement vehicle and does not provide software support.   Vendors are responsible for providing support as outlined in their Proposals, Master Agreements, and Purchase Agreements.

Q: What is a JPA?
A: A Joint Powers Agency ("JPA") is a limited-purpose government agency formed by an agreement between two or more government agencies.  JPAs have a long history in California, and have been allowed since 1949.  Many school districts are members of insurance and transportation JPAs.  EdTech JPA endeavors to streamline procurement for digital products and services.

Q:I am a vendor and was just awarded a contract after the close of a procurement; what are my next steps?
A: Ed Tech JPA typically awards to multiple vendors.  An award by the JPA does not insure that a vendor will secure a contract with the initiating agency.  Each prevailing vendor will complete: a Master Agreement, a California Student Data Privacy Agreement, and a Purchase Agreement. 
The Master Agreement is an agreement between the vendor and Ed Tech JPA related to the terms of the award and contracting with members.  It includes pricing information from the Proposal.
The California Student Data Privacy Agreement is an agreement between the vendor and Ed Tech JPA related to student data privacy.  Vendors are required to sign Exhibit E, which allows other entities within California to leverage the same contract terms.
The Purchase Agreement is an agreement between the vendor and a member of Ed Tech JPA.  Ed Tech JPA negotiates the terms of these contracts, but they are not complete and are unsigned when posted to our password-protected members-only website.  When a member determines that they would like to purchase a product, they insert the Quote and/or Implementation Plan in Exhibit A and obtain signatures.  This is not a valid contract until both the vendor and member have signed it, and any required board approval by member has been obtained.  

Q: I am a vendor and just finalized my contracts; what are my next steps?
A: Finalized contract documentation is placed on a secure webpage for all prevailing vendors, and JPA Members will contact vendors directly to obtain Quotes and secure Purchase Agreements.

Q: Does Ed Tech JPA facilitate vendor marketing to members?
A: Ed Tech JPA does not directly market specific products to our members.  We do share periodic updates, including announcements of recent RFP awards and new contracts available.  Vendors may choose to market the JPA contract, but may not use the JPA logo or imply any direct endorsement of products without written permission from the JPA.  Members have access to contact information within Bids/RFPs and will contact vendors directly to obtain information and Quotes.