Frequently Asked Questions for Awarded Vendor Partners

Where can I get a copy of ed tech jpa's w-9?

Ed Tech JPA's W-9 can be accessed HERE.


How do i facilitate a purchase with a jpa member?

When an Ed Tech JPA member wishes to make a purchase using the JPA contracts they should provide specifics to vendors (number of licenses, scope, etc).  Vendors should then provide a quote to the Ed Tech JPA member based on the JPA pricing and member purchase details.  the AGREEMENTS should then be finalized, pursuant to the member's requirements (typically board approval is required).

How Can customers see that we are a JPA approved partner?

Vendor partners can display the approved partner logos on their websites and marketing materials.  For a copy please contact us.  This “seal” indicates to our members that they can leverage the JPA contracts for your product(s) with confidence that a legally compliant procurement process has been completed and a fully vetted contract is available for their use.

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or if you would like marketing materials for events to support your efforts.

We've detailed some key message points below that you may share with any of your California sales team members:

  • Save Time:  All Ed Tech JPA procurements are compliant with California Public Contracts Code.  Using the Agreements saves school districts, county offices of education, and other public entities from having to issue their own bid.  The time saved from the RFP process is time gained for a strong implementation.
  • Save Money: The pricing available through the Ed Tech JPA is generally the best available.
  • Contract Confidence: All Ed Tech JPA contract negotiations are overseen by the technology and student privacy experts at the eMatters Practice Group at Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost. Members can be assured that these experts have overseen the entire procurement process and the resulting agreements to protect their agencies and safeguard student data privacy. 
  • Ease of Use:  Becoming a member and leveraging the contracts is easy.  The Ed Tech JPA reliably reduces a typical procurement process from six months to less than one month.  The membership process is detailed on our website.  Prospective members can also inquire directly at Our team is happy to help your prospective customers through the process.


how can i find out who is a member of Ed Tech JPA?

A full member list is available HERE.  Ed Tech JPA updates the members list immediately after new members are added. Check back regularly for the most current list.  If you are working with a customer who is not yet a member, please feel free to put them in contact with us at  We are happy to help them through the process to join the Ed Tech JPA to facilitate your sale.​​​​​​​