CDW Government LLC

CDW Government LLC

Irvine Unified School District awarded Bid No. 19/20-01 IT Technology Equipment and Peripherals to CDW Government LLC.    This procurement has been posted on Ed Tech JPA's website solely for accessibility to procurement and contract documents.  Ed Tech JPA members and non-members may elect to piggyback on this bid following their organization's standard piggyback process.  Ed Tech JPA membership and documents specific to Ed Tech JPA are not required to leverage this contract.  

Please check with your general counsel to ensure that you are meeting all necessary requirements.

RFP Documents 

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CDW Government LLC Redacted Bid Proposal
*For a full copy of the Proposal
December 3, 2019
IUSD Board Agenda Item  December 17, 2019
IUSD Board Agenda  December 17, 2019
IUSD Board Minutes  December 17, 2019
CDW Government LLC Agreement January 1, 2020

Contact Information:
Beth Giardini